Hello, my name is Sandra and I live in sweden. People tend to call me a lot of things, but booby/boobie, sandrew, san and sandro are the nicknames most used. I am 23 years old, soon 24, my birthday is the 04th June. I like a lot of different things, cooking, drawing, singing, sewing, collecting, pretty things, horror movies, polaroid cameras, taking images, making websites... I am very creative. I always have something to do, always have plans to do something. I am kind and like to give things to people, like presents, so they get happy. Because whem my friends and family are happy, so am I.

things I ♥ so very much: mass effect, harry potter, lord of the ring, dragon age, haunting ground, defiance, coldplay, パフューム, the renaissance, life is strange, coldplay, wicca, nature, halloween, paranormal stuff, odd things, horror movies, epic food, bbq nights.

I am also very odd as a person, I tend to like a lot of things. Everything from fashion, music, styles, food, cars, art and so on. I can like extreme gothic clothes and very cute mori clothes. I love dark victorian gothic interior and romantic chic interior. I love celtic music and 80's music, even dub step. Like I said, I am odd. But that is alright, because odd people are the epic people, don't you agree?