Hello and welcome to quite extraordinary the approved fanlisting for the loving father and wizard, Arthur Weasley. This fanlisting is listed under Characters: Book/Movie> H at http://thefanlistings.org/. Arthur Weasley is one of the many characters in J.K Rowlings wonderful books, harry potter. Arthur weasley is a very kind and silly man who likes muggle (non magical people) technology and muggle stuff such as batteries, plugs and rubber ducks. He is a wonderful wizard and father. Credits, such as textures, artworks, scripts. . can be found at this link.

This fanlisting was last updated, 15th October 2018 and it has a total of 537 fans, from 53 countries. There are 1 fans waiting to be added and please say welcome to our newest member, Lily. This fanlisting is managed with Enthusiast and approved/part of TFL & Precise Poetry. Arthur was adopted from Jessica. Previous owners are Anna & Sophie. Thank you for letting me adopt! ♥
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