These are the fanlistings I have joined and is a fan of! I am fan of soo many things, and right now I don't have a lot of joined fanlistings. I mean, I haven't joined so many yet. It has to change! But these are the ones I have joined, more will come for sure. Maybe we like the same things? That would be kinda cool! :>

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 3 Hunters - Aragorn, Gimli & Legolas:  All Characters:  Aragorn:  Arwen:  Boromir:  Costumes of LotR:  Elrond Half-elven:  Frodo Baggins:  Galadriel:  Gandalf/Mithrandir:  Gimli:  Legolas:  LotR Elves:  LotR Good Guys:  Meriadoc Brandybuck:  Rivendell:  Samwise Gamgee:  Smaug:  Theoden:

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