Do I have a fanlisting you would like to own yourself one day? Want me to know this so when, if I ever, adopt it out you will get the information about me adopting it out? Great! Because this is where you do that. This is where you sign up on a list, with your information, so I can contact you once I feel like it's time to say good bye to the fanlisting you wish to adopt. Signing up on this doesn't automaticly grant you the fanlisting you wish to adopt however. You will have to apply for it, not through but by me.

Now if you want to sign up on this list you need to go to this link and apply. Be sure to write what subjects you want to sing up for in the "Comment & Information" box! If you have any questions be sure to send a message! If the form for some reason has stoped working or is broken, you can send me a email. Here is my email: sandra[at]precise-poetry[dot]net.

the list of awesome people.

1. Mayumi - www - Fanlisting: Alice: Madness Returns.

2. Chrisie - www - Fanlisting: Practical Magic.