Obliviate is not my first fanlisting collective, but my second one. Before, when I didn't have my own host, I borrowed my friend Arturs host. Back then, my website or collective was all in one place and it was then called Wonderland Woods. I sometimes miss that name, and want to get another domain with the namn, just to have it. But that would be silly because I don't know what to use it for.

credits & such.

Here I will link to all the scripts, textures and images I have used for this site. It's only for obliviate and not the fanlistings, since on every fanlisting is a link to my main site where I have linked to all the people whos textures/scripts I have used. (if the link, that is on my fanlistings, is not working I am sorry and will fix it as soon as possible.) I feel credits is a good thing to give since, without the amazing people I wouldn't be able to make layouts!

Jane Austen || Black Hawke || John Waterhouse || accio-glow || dontayyy || enthusiast

the past layouts!

My fanlisting collective has had a looot of layouts over the years. But I am only going to show two of them because they are the only two layouts that are ment for obliviate. All the other ones were ment for the wonderland woods site. Just click on the images to see bigger images.

the name of the collective?

Obliviate is a spell from the harry potter books/movies. Obliviate is a spell that makes you forget, it erases memory. I have always liked that spell, and it has a nice ring to itself. When you say the word. For this collective however, its meaning mean nothing. I just overall really like the spell and the word! Before, Obliviate was called Wonderland Woods, and it's a song title, from American McGee's Alice. I really liked the soundtrack, and I love alice in wonderland. So yeah.Obliviate is also a song, from the harry potter movie. The first time I heard it it gave me goosebumps and a loot of feels.