Here are all the fanlistings that I someday wishes to own. They mean a lot to mean, and if I would ever own these. . It would make my world, and my life would be complete!! (that was kinda dramatic, but it's true) But right now other awesome people are owning them and all I can do is wait for them to adopt them away or close them. Anyway, the ownsers of the fanlistings have awesome taste and the fanlistings have owers that really love them. It makes me happy! ♥

If you by accident (or not accident) stumbles over this collective and see that your fanlisting is listed here on the wishlist and are adopting away or closing it, please send me a message telling me so! So I can try applying for it and hopfully getting it. After all, I am extremely picky with fanlistings, and those I have listed are really REALLY the fanlistings I wish to own someday. Those in image are the ones I wish to own, more then anything in the world. EVER. I am such a fan of these subjects, it's stupid.

granted fanlistings, which I adopted or got!

These are fanlistings that I have wished for, and the person who owned it adopted it out and I applyed for it, and got it! Those who adopted them out are amazing people, and I will forever be grateful! ♥ To visit, you know what to do. Just click the buttons below. : >